Workshop 5: A Practical Approach to Heart Rate Monitoring in Mammals — Promaco Conventions
5:15PM - 6:45PM
Meeting Room 10
Chair: Christine Cooper

Organiser: Dr Kristine Vesterdorf, University of Western Australia.

This workshop aims to bring together experts and users from different fields that have an interest in, are planning on, or have used implantable heart rate and temperature sensors, or any other ECG or heart rate sensors. Workshop objectives will focus on explaining the fundamental principles of ECG derived heart rate measurements, practical aspects of programming sensors, implanting sensors, and how to verify and process the data to get the most out of your measurements.

The workshop will start off with a theoretical and practical overview of the sensors. It will then go on to discuss real working examples in different animal models, and finally go through signal processing and validation methods of the acquired data. The workshop will be wrapped up with a lively discussion that will include the benefits and shortcomings of heart rate measurements and how it is possible to move forward in the field.