Workshop 1: Non-invasive or minimally invasive methods to evaluate reproductive and stress hormones in free-ranging wildlife — Promaco Conventions
11:10AM - 12:40PM
Meeting Room 7
Chair: Tamara Keeley


Tamara Keeley, University of Queensland, Australia; Martin Dehnhard, Leibniz Institute for Zoo & Wildlife Research, Germany; Dr. Kerry Fanson, Deakin University, Australia.

Recent developments of new and innovative methods for reproductive and adrenal hormone monitoring, as well as the latest advances in basic endocrinology as applied to adrenal function, reproductive physiology, animal health, and ecology will be discussed. This workshop will explore biological sample type options (eg. faecal, urine, hair etc), sample collection and preservation considerations, validation of analysis techniques, data interpretation challenges and highlighting through examples the potential benefits/contribution of non-invasive hormone analysis to monitoring the health and fecundity of wild animal populations.